You CAN pay rent with a credit card (or any other bill)!

Submitted by admin on Fri, 09/29/2017 - 18:16

With Plastiq you can pay any bill by credit card. It is incredibly easy to input credit card information and have a check sent to pay your: Rent, car payment, utilites the options are almost limitless.

Use my referral link & pay $500 worth of bills to get 500 fee-free dollars*:

Plastiq has one of the lowest credit card payment fees at 2.5% at the time of this posting and often has promotional rates that are even lower.

Ting Phone services

Ting phone services are offered using either the both Sprint and Verizon networks.
Base cost is $6 a month per phone, and then billed in pooled (shared among all phones on your account) chunks of minutes, messages and data. My average bill for 4 phone lines runs $68 total or $17 per phone.
Sign up today through this link for $25 off a new device or as Ting credit against first months service.